The Eclective 2013 – 23-25 August


So to fill you in, here’s the plan: in the days leading up to 23 August you will save enough coinage to purchase a super jumbo coffee of your choice. On 23 August you will head to The Queens Theatre, Playhouse Lane, Adelaide—with super jumbo coffee in hand—where the marvellous bridal fair, The Eclective, will take place. There, you’ll nurse your beverage while walking around googlie-eyed at all the awesome vendors just waiting to show you the magic of their trade. And if one day is not enough, you can come back the next day … and the next. Up until 25 August in fact. 

We’re in love with The Eclective and if you’re a bride or groom-to-be or keen-as-mustard in law, you’ll love it too. Tickets are on sale now, $25 at the door or $20 online. We’ll be there so come and say hello!



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