The botanical wedding of Danielle + Ian


“Marriage is the combination of our two wonderful lives into one beautiful life journey. A journey filled with love, support and creation!”

Danielle and Ian embraced the beautiful desert setting, and vintage aesthetic of the venue, weaving romantic textures throughout their flowers and decor. They kept the palette natural, with hints of moody deep tones to mimic the blooming bougainvillea throughout the property.

But what’s even more beautiful than their styling is the words they shared on what they love about each other:

“Ian is my rock. His unwavering sense of self and love for others is inspiring. He has shown me what it means to accept people as they are and love them for who they are. This is especially evident in our relationship. He has shown me true love.” – Danielle

“I love her unwavering spirit, she is always so positive and maintains that positivity even in trying times. She is so strong for our family and is so loving and patient … Plus she is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes upon.” – Ian

Scroll down to share in their gorgeous wedding day, with photography by Lauren Scotti.

Danielle and Ian from PJ Szabo on Vimeo.


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