The beauty of ballet


This wondrous styled shoot is inspired by “the Black Swan”: a ballerina in a New York City ballet company whose life, like all those in her profession, is completely consumed with dance, “We wanted to create something inspired by the film. Not necessarily the story, but we wanted to showcase the dark and the soft side in the life of a ballerina.”

The team began the shoot with a blank space, allowing them to be challenged to transform it into something magnificent. The styling gave way to a darker, moody palette so that brides can be inspired to use more dark tones on their wedding day.

Quill and Co, created a handmade invitation suit that incorporated both softness and darkness, adding different quotes, poems, songs and the word “dance” in five different languages.

Society Floral challenged herself to create something unique and think outside of the box – she didn’t want to use any green foliage but only maroon and dark colours. “We had a mix of flowers from two different local farms, which made for some stunning arrangements. The dark foliage against the white wall is the perfect backdrop for any ceremony with a blank space.”

The beautiful model is a phenomenal ballet dancer with an indescribable passion for dancing, which clearly reflects on the photos!

Nina the photographer, captured every detail from the shoot in a unique way and was able to transmit all the team’s inspiration into beautiful photos.


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