The Beauty in Imperfection


This shoot was inspired by Wabi Sabi, which is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection. The creative team, led by The Style Palette, wanted to develop a feeling of solitude, calm and reflection.

Everything that went into this shoot was considered and chosen for a reason. To meet their brief of ‘imperfection’, they chose a space that was really raw and industrial to contrast with all the swoon-worthy and beautiful elements. The Oriental inspired furniture used was rustic, handmade and perfectly imperfect with its odd leans and quirky proportions.

Details such as the ornate ruby ring, knot in the hair and embroidery on the gown all gave a subtle nod to the oriental influence of this shoot. The stunning ikebana inspired blooms were provided by Jardine Botanic Floral Styling, and incorporated sultry autumnal tones. Even down to the vessels and pots she chose were all a bit imperfect with marks of rust and worn ceramics.

Scroll down to see all the charming details, captured by Bear Deer Fox.


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