Teepee’s under the stars – Big Bend Elopement Inspiration


This elopement inspiration shoot focused on all the things we love – nature, calmness, simplicity, and connection. Captured by Landon and Loren, they visioned a relaxed bohemian elopement under the huge Texas skies, with everything from giant luxe teepees (seriously, you have to see these!) to insane stars and coyote calls… This is adventuring at it’s most beautiful! 

We chatted with Loren to hear her vision behind the shoot: “While in Texas for a wedding, Landon and I decided to explore the beauty Texas has to offer. We decided to visit Big Bend for a stylized elopement. Now, if you know anything about Texas, it’s a pretty big state. Second biggest out of all 50, but the biggest on the “mainland.”

We rolled into our shared teepee that night around 1:30 a.m. after a full day of traveling. At 2 am in the bathroom I hear… a coyote. I stiffened. My heart was pounding out of my chest, and I hurried back with quick steps to the teepee, all while thinking about how, this, out of all ways, is the way God chose for me to die. I mean, I’ve seen Cujo and I know what dogs can do. Of course the coyote, could smell my fear, and told his coyote pack about this stupid girl who was probably pretty tasty (I’m sure my sweat added some extra saltiness).

To my despair, following that lone howl, there were ton of responsive howls and yips. Crap. I’m fully convinced they are hunting me down and I all out Hunger Game it back to the teepee. Of course, I’m not as smooth as Katniss, so I trip down the cement steps into the teepee, where Landon is in his bed giggling at me, because he heard the whole thing.

After that very eventful night, our morning chatting with Hannah and Bryan was pretty chill and wonderful.  It’s always interesting when you commit your time to be with people you hardly know, hoping it’s not as awkward as you’re feeling. Luckily, Hannah and Bryan are kind, open, hilarious, and easy people to hang with. The day was filled with amazing conversation and beautiful views. Hannah looked amazing (and, as a side now, is an amazing wedding makeup artist!). It was an incredible day.”


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