Real Weddings

Tara & John: I Got You Babe


We don’t feel too old fashioned when we describe Tara and John’s wedding shoot as “utterly, utterly enthralling”. Who doesn’t love a wedding they ache to dive into? It’s not just the incredible scenery and tangible atmosphere of strong, mutual adoration we are attracted to–we can’t help but also be hypnotised by the photography. Lilli Waters from I Got You Babe Photography has this crazy way of smacking us (discreetly) with nostalgia; she takes us back to days when we also felt happy in dappled sunlight surrounded by friends. We’ve probably been through this shoot a dozen times, yet there’s no hint of lassitude nor has there been a single  boredom-induced yawn. It simply captivates us over and over again. Thanks Lil. You are untouchable! 


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