Surprise Wedding brimming with confetti, rustic colors, romantic lighting + industrial beauty!


Cally + Dean SURPRISED their guests with this stunning DIY wedding which had everything you could dream of for a romantic, industrial vintage party! They invited their guests under the guise of an engagement party, and tied the knot in a large warehouse full of florals, covered in confetti and decked with desserts. Captured by Christine Lim with a gorgeous video by Ben & Ebony, we are completely obsessed with everything from this day! 

What was your favourite part of the wedding day? 

Where to start?! Visually it was a dream come true. Everything was so beautiful and romantic. Seeing the pride and joy on our parents faces was unforgettable. Seeing my baby brother handing us our wedding bands was so special. But the one particular moment my heart was so full of love I thought it would burst, was while walking down the aisle towards the love of my life, and seeing the love in his eyes as we were about to become husband and wife. I still get butterflies thinking about it.

Tell us about your wedding style and the DIY elements you incorporated!

For our wedding we were definitely after a relaxed, party kind of atmosphere rather than a formal affair, which is why we loved the idea of a surprise wedding. We invited our guests under the guise of it being our engagement party, and it was so amazing to see the excitement on their faces as they realized we were about to get hitched. Style wise, it was really important to me that both of our rather opposite tastes were combined and reflected in the décor, which is why the raw and industrial feel to PS Art Space was an absolutely perfect venue for us. We loved the idea of the glossy polished concrete floors, partially exposed brick walls and wooden ceiling beams that Dean loves so much, being softened by the femininity of the flower arrangements, crystal-wear and romantic lighting that I swoon over. Our bar, ceremony backdrop, festoon lighting and crystal decanter chandelier were all made with love by us or a relative, and we displayed pictures of our parents and grandparents on their own wedding day near the guest book, which we included for a little extra intimacy and nostalgia.   

What is marriage to you? 

Marriage is more than getting to wake up every day next to your best friend, making a family together and growing old hand in hand. It’s more than weekend movie nights, spontaneous bouquets of flowers and lying in bed chatting until the early hours of the morning. Marriage is about being your absolute best when your spouse is at their absolute worst, and doing the smiling for the both of you so that they can take the time they need to be their best selves again. It’s about being strong enough for the both of you while they’re weak, and loving them back to health. Its easy to honor our vows when life isn’t challenging us, but it’s when the chips are down that we need to realize marriage isn’t only about the sunny days, but also about weathering the storms together and emerging together stronger than ever.

Make sure to watch their incredible wedding film by Ben & Ebony!


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