Sunset Dreams: A Bohemian Styled Shoot


“Her heart was made of liquid sunsets” – Virginia Wolf

“Sunset Dreams was inspired by the rich and warm shades of summer, teamed with our love for bohemian styles. Pulled together by Piccolo & Poppi and Two Hearts Club, this shoot epitomises the Australian landscape, and natural colour palettes of our sunburnt country. Terara Riverside Gardens was the perfect location to shoot, with vivid sunsets over the river, and a natural canvas.

It was full of delicious mattes and lustrous shimmers…and outside the box when it comes to typical bridal colours and styles. We wanted to create layers of colour and beauty, through bright bold colours, teamed with soft neutral tones.”

We think Picoolo & Poppi and the team behind this captured their vision perfectly. Take a look at these dreamy sunset photos below!


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