Sunrise Over Majestic Waters


Utilising the stunning array of eclectic decor and styling items from The Hutch Wedding and Events, located on the stunning shoreline of Whale Beach, this talented team drew inspiration from all things Bohemia.

Shooting during golden hour sunrise, James Billing used the magical morning sunlight to help amplify the beauty in every detail, from the shiny metallic temporary tattoos to the stunning headpieces and bespoke jewellery.

The setting was simple, yet majestic which created an aura of empowering energy during the whole shoot. The idea behind the setting and props via The Hutch was to create a serene, relaxed and comfortable arena which could ultimately be used as a ceremony location, chill out area or even for a hen’s party. James Billing uses his creative flare to capture candid snapshots using different layers of the surroundings – shooting through sheer materials or small gaps in the structures.

With a small yet fresh hint of pretty blooms from the amazing Haven and Sarah florists in Avalon, the whole look came together in a understated yet truly exquisite way.

The flowing dresses supplied by Love Marie allowed the purity of each model to shine. The delicate nature of the materials brought yet another addition to the overall luxe. Easy to move in, whether sitting, standing or dancing barefoot on the beach, the models described the whole shoot as, “Feeling like a bohemian princess”.

Over all, the mixture of so many details, beautiful light and stunning models allowed the team to create an inspirational dreamwork of images that they hope can help all brides imagine and build a wedding like no other.


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