Sun-Soaked Country Wedding


This romantic wedding, which began with an emotional ceremony and ended with sun-soaked fields, is a feast for the eyes. Brides will be inspired by the rouge colour palette, fitted lace Limorrosen, oh and the most emotional, beautiful video!



It is the ability to succeed and see growth between two people together as they share all the ups and downs that life brings. It is making decisions together and collaborating on all parts of life with one another. It is laughing everyday and never taking things so seriously. We both purposely make a lot of effort to spend time together, to laugh all the time and to stay focused on our endeavors.

Marriage to us is enjoying everyday in life, not just the weekends or holidays coming up… but to genuinely ache to come home to one another because it is fun and filled with love. To purposely not nag or bring up insignificant issues… and to always prioritise our relationship first, even when children are brought into the mix because we want to maintain our loving relationship well beyond our children growing up & moving out.


Check out their super sweet wedding video by the talented Luke Bickley!




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