Summertime Love with Bride La Boheme


Bride la Boheme makers of all things pretty (sashes, head wear, veils, and head adornment) have recently released a breathtaking 2013 collection called Summertime Love…and dear-oh-dear we are drooling over a myriad of hand-wired golden beads, flowers and crystals!

Inspired by the magical sparkle of rain drops, afternoon sun-sets and the glorious golden tones of twilight hour this delicate and feminine collection has no trouble reflecting the quietness of beauty.

There is no denying that Bride la Boheme create lovely bespoke treasures made with the utmost attention to detail and fit for a Queen…you! Summertime Love is all about getting ready to be the bride, but enjoying the summer for now.


Issue 41 Out Now $15 Free Shipping to Australia