studio castillero


We love the photographers we work with and spend ages banging on about how fabulous they are. Talk about talent galore. We hope they never stop taking pictures, especially when you see the lovely serving of stills we have for you today. It’s Studio Castillero again (woo!) showcasing a distinctly beautiful wedding all the way from San Marcos, California. Lots of special things about this glorious event like, for example, the venue–Green Gables Estate–which also happens to be the same venue Studio shot their very first wedding at. Ever. Four years ago they say. Hard to believe Rico and Rachel have only been pro photographers for such a wee while and yet manage to consistently churn out stunners. The most special thing, of course, was the delightful Nathan and Melissa, a stylish pair who shone on the day in every conceivable way. The whole affair, from ceremony to reception, was the work of their hands; a labour of love that turned up the sort of elegant, eclectic decor we simply froth over. We’re spoiling you today folks, you know we are! So fight the urge to bend to business and take a few moments to savour a truly splendid occasion. 


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