Still the One I Love

Still The One I Love


Each issue we feature a couple who have reached a significant milestone in marriage, and explore how their journey began. Here are some of our favourite lifelong sweethearts.



Jan & Graham – Photographed by Trent & Jessie

Jan and Graham’s relationship was founded on friendship before they were engaged, Graham proposing a record number of ten times before Jan accepted. 50 years on Graham and Jan say that in a marriage it is important to be forgiving. “Make up as nicely as you can. Kiss each other goodnight every night and [good morning] every morning.”

To Jan & Graham marriage means “always having a friend”.

Still the One - Vic & Margaret 036-SM

Vic & Margaret – Photographed by Nick Sim 

For Vic it was love at first sight when he met Margaret at a roller-skating rink over 65 years ago. 11 grandchildren, and 10-and-a-half great grandchildren on, Vic and Margaret say throughout their marriage they have always valued partnership “we worked together and alongside each other”

Vic and Margaret believe that the secret to a good marriage is learning to “pull together in the good times and the bad. A marriage is built on patience, perseverance, stamina and a good sense of humor”.

Val & Don - Still The One Web - Issue 27-35

Val & Don – Photographed by Lauren Campbell

Don toiled in a woollen mill throughout the day, spending every night after his shift eating dinner at the local café Val worked at. Some people would grow tired of having the same meat and vegetables for tea every night, but Do was happy to oblige if it meant spending time with the woman he adored.

After reaching their 60th wedding anniversary, the couple say the key to reaching such a milestone in marriage is to “learn to accept things as they come and don’t get upset over small things- cherish each other”.


Neville & Beryl – Photographed by Heart and Colour

Neville and Beryl first locked eyes at Sydney’s Salvation Army training College. Their college enforced a rule of ‘no dating for the first 12 months’ with boys being separated from girls, so the couple wrote letters to each other throughout the year until their training had finished.

Ten grand-children and six great grand-children later, the pair deem lasting companionship and sharing life together as the most enjoyable aspects of marriage saying “Marriage is worth fighting for, struggling for! It’s worth the genuine commitment.”

Ron + Jeanette 3-SM

Ron & Jeanette – Photographed by James Frost

At the tender age of 17, propped against the bench seat of his convertible Chevy, Ron asked Jeanette to marry him. Jeanette’s father wouldn’t allow Ron to marry her unless he built her a house to live in. So, Ron did just that. The house still stands today around the corner from their current home.

Ron and Jeanette put their long happy union simply down to loving each other, they “couldn’t imagine being apart”.


Ron & Grace – Photographed by The Robertsons

Ron and Grace have travelled their way through 61 years of marriage. They’ve seen a vast amount of the middle East and Tonga in their 60s and 70s, tandem sky-dived at 68 and still meet with almost all 50 members of their immediate family at least once a year. And while time has undoubtedly moved on, it’s done nothing to change the depth of adoration Ron and Grace hold or show for each other.

“Have faith” the couple say about keeping a marriage young and strong”. Have absolute commitment too because marriage is forever no matter what, but work on it. And then, enjoy”.



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