Still the One I Love: Doss + Glyn



There is a lot to be said about a couple that gives everything to be able to raise their family, never giving up on each other in the process. Doss and Glyn are one such couple, determined to make their marriage last a lifetime. “Marriage isn’t always easy, but divorce is not an option for us. We both believe that marriage is for life,” shares Doss.

This earnest pair met as young teenagers through Glyn’s sister, Del, sparking a sweet romance that started with an innocent attraction. Glyn thought Doss was a “real good-looking sheila,” while she thought he was “a real spunk. He had these beautiful light grey eyes with a dark ring around them.” Doss’ teenage heart couldn’t resist Glyn on a motorcycle, so the pair spent many a date doubling on the bike sharing each other’s worlds.

When you find yourself spending hours upon hours in complete comfort with another person, knowing full well that you could just slip into marriage seamlessly, no elaborate proposal is required. And for Doss and Glyn (who were also soon to welcome a child to the world), they skipped the fanfare, agreeing to a lifetime of commitment to each other.

“To be honest, it was more of an agreement than a proposal. We knew it was what we wanted, there were no secrets about it, and we started organising and planning our wedding together.”

Buzzing with wedding excitement, Doss remembers feeling like a princess the moment she tried on her beautiful gown. “I even walked down to my house, a few blocks away, just to show off my dress to everyone walking around the streets.” The wedding day itself was full of the same sweetness. Glyn serenaded Doss with the song, “Rainbow” by Russ Hamilton …

“I’m saving my money to buy you a rainbow
A rainbow, to put on your finger
And after I’ve gone and bought you the rainbow
I’ll go out and I’ll buy you the moon” …

Since the pair were young when they wed (Doss was 16 while Glyn was 19), their honeymoon was humble, but just what these lovely newlyweds needed. “Our honeymoon was at my sister’s farm because we didn’t have any money, but we loved it. We didn’t need anything special,” explains Doss.

Being a family-oriented couple meant that Doss and Glyn dedicated their marriage that followed to raising children. “We wanted to raise good kids. That was very important, and we’ve really done that. Glyn could go out with Terry (our son) and I spent a lot of time with our daughters, Julie, Jennie and Susan,” shares Doss.

While they were both very committed to their family, Doss and Glyn still found it just as important to keep their own identity intact for the sake of their marriage.

“Your individual interests are what keep it interesting and fun. I used to love getting on the back of Glyn’s motorcycle when we were young. Imagine if he only did the same things as me!” laughs Doss.

With a beautiful family and plenty of hobbies and interests, it would be hard to imagine that this pair faced any squabbles. But Glyn and Doss do confess to their fair share of disagreements … “There were a lot over money. When you haven’t got enough, you argue about not being able to go ‘here and there’. We both have our interests and sometimes they have clashed. But it is very important that you don’t just jump out of the relationship when you have an argument, because you’re in it for better or for worse,” explains Glyn. These arguments for Doss and Glyn were always short-lived, as they knew their commitment to each other was so much deeper. “I love him and he’s my rock. Young people think it’s going to be all glitz, but you’ve got to really commit and work at it because it’s worth it,” shares Doss.

It is plain to see that Doss and Glyn have cracked the secret code to a beautiful long-term marriage, and if you’re dying to know just what that is as much as we are, here’s some advice they shared on finding it out for yourself—“When you get married, you are both completely different people coming together, so be sensitive and really find out why your partner is upset, and talk through how to move forward. Also, remember that you will change over the years, as well as your partner. But you have committed to growing together, and moving forward together, and with your family.”


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