Still the One I Love: Audrey + Colin



Audrey and Colin were married in 1951, and each day of the following 65 years has strengthened their loving bond. Through hardships, challenges and adventures alike, the pair have worked together in every aspect of their lives—and their love is as strong and steady now as it has ever been. Here they share their wise insights into the meaning of love and marriage.

How did you meet? Audrey: We had known of each other all our lives, but had never formally met, until one day during a Sunday school picnic we found ourselves in the back seat of a car with other people. Colin: I noticed this beautiful girl in the back seat, so I squeezed in beside her. For some months I had been madly, secretly in love with Audrey, but the opportunity had not arisen for me to make my feelings known. This was my chance to get close, and I went home feeling 10 feet tall! We met again shortly after, but this time it was intentional—and this was where I received my first kiss, which was full of love, with many more to follow.

How did your partner propose? Audrey: There was never really a formal proposal, but a mutual feeling of belonging to each other, so it was just a natural course of events.

How have you kept your relationship strong all these years? Audrey: It’s been important to always have good communication, discussing different aspects of our life, whether good or bad. We have always done things together, set goals together, and enjoyed life together. We have holidayed together and worked together. That, I think, is the secret word: “together”.

What are the qualities you find most attractive in your partner? Audrey: I find that now we are older we have to rely on each other for more. I love the fact that Colin can do anything in the home. He is great at cooking (he even knows how to bake a cake, and ice it), which is quite unusual for a man of his generation! Colin: Audrey still looks amazing. Her health gets her down at times, but she never fails to be positive and happy. She still dresses beautifully and takes pride in how she looks. She never fails to excite me, because she still loves me.

What advice do you have for young couples? Colin: Your partner is the most important part of your life, so love each other with tender care—keeping in mind, as the marriage vows say, “Until death parts us”. It is not a 12-month experience, but a lifetime of fulfilment. Audrey: Don’t end the day without settling disagreements; go to bed happy with loving goodnight kisses. You will wake the next morning happy and ready to start a new day.

What is marriage to you? Colin: Marriage is the most important aspect of couples’ lives. To have someone to love and be loved by is just wonderful. Always be honest, loyal and share everything (even the washing up!). Audrey: It can be a tough journey getting to know each other and sharing times of joy and also disappointments. Many marriages are taken as a day of excitement, and when the day fades, so does the happiness. Don’t plan your marriage for that one special day, but as a lifetime of happiness, friendship and love.


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