Still the one I love: Alan + Shirley


Twelve issues ago, we featured the story of this rather lovely couple. Back then, Alan and Shirley had been married for 60 years  and were still madly in love. Since we are all for reliving the good old days, we thought we’d bring them to your attention again for a few pretty cool reasons.  One: the picture of their first date is super cute. Two: even back then their wedding day had all the hallmarks of perfection every modern bride looks for. And three: remembering  those who have made it further than we have is always a great encouragement to keep going. Apparently, they first met at a dance function and were introduced by Shirley’s brother-in-law. As for their first date (feature image), we know little about it, but from the amount of teeth showing through their smiles it’s obvious they had a good time. After an 18-month engagement, they began to plan a wedding. The date was 17 November 1951 and the war had ended just a few years ago, which meant churches were booked up with a ceremony taking place every hour on weekends. Alan and Shirley had a slot they couldn’t miss so, unlike most brides, Shirley arrived half an hour early and waited in the car with her father. The day, as they tell it, was wonderful. For their wedding reception they shared an intimate dinner with close family and friends. For a happy marriage, they give the same advice many of their equally seasoned-in-matrimony peers do: love, perseverance, understanding, honesty and tolerance. Shirley says, “These days, people get upset and throw everything away so easily – that’s dangerous.” When asked what makes their own marriage so successful, it is Shirley again who first speaks. “Make time for each other and listen to each other. If you can’t talk something over, you’ve got a problem.”  “We made a promise,” chimes in Alan, “and we’re going to stick to it.”



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