Real Weddings

A lifetime of love


Oldies are always goodies and worth showing off, hence we are pleased to parade a lovely long-standing reminder that great relationships are worth their weight in rubies. We can’t help feeling that somehow the older couples among us are the ones who really have it made. Youth is cool but old age suggests you’ve spent time in the trenches and still made it out alive. There is such value in longevity, and in the wealth of knowledge and life that nestles behind the soft folds we see in the faces of our senior citizens. Joan and Noel have been married for close to 60 years but still find each other a little bit gorgeous. Quite frankly, it’s what we strive for–to look at our husbands after six decades and still believe they are the most precious gifts we’ve ever been handed. Noel says the key is ‘tolerance, and give and take’. Joan hastens to add, ‘and a lot of love thrown in!’. 



  • Still the One Couple Joan + Noel Roberts
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