Stacie + Shannon: Warehouse Wedding


It’s not everyday that you find a bride who books a gelato cart for her wedding before anything else, but that’s exactly what Stacie did!

After a romantic proposal in New York, Stacie and Shannon spent six months backpacking through Europe and with their travels came a deep appreciation of authentic gelato, so the decision to feature the sweet treat on their special day came easy.

In fact, Stacie and Shannon’s wedding was anything but ordinary, with the bride steering away from the traditional wedding gown and instead wearing a stylish off the shoulder dress.

Being very relaxed people the pair weren’t fussed on typical wedding traditions, rather focusing on simply having a good time with family and friends, including their adorable daughter Frankie. Both Stacie and Shannon wanted their special day to be a party from start to finish, with plenty of dancing, laughter and of course, wine.

Thankfully for us, Brown Paper Parcel photography captured each fun filled moment of the day. Scroll down to see!



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