Stacey + Gareth


Gareth could barely contain his tears of joy as he gazed upon his bride to be Stacey, who stunned him in her feminine Grace Loves Lace gown. They tied the knot in an open field, graced by the presence of their nearest and dearest. Scroll down to see how the day unfolded with images by Daniel Ferris, and to read more about their proposal.

‘Gareth woke me up one morning to go out for breakfast. I wasn’t keen on the idea as I’d just hopped into bed after being at work all night. On ourway to the café, he suggested going for a walk at the park first. I thought that was a little suspicious, as he’d been so rushed to leave the house, but agreed. As we started walking through the park I grabbed his hand and it was dripping with sweat. At that point it clicked and I knew he was going to propose. We reached a bench seat that overlooks the water and he asked me to turn around and close my eyes. When he told me to turn back around he was on one knee, but I think I said yes before he got the question out! The reason he was in such a rush was because he had packed a beautiful champagne picnic in the car while I was asleep.’


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