Stacey + Calen: Love in Pastel Colours
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Stacey + Calen: Love in Pastel Colours


A stunning Anna Campbell gown, a thousand reasons for pure happiness and love in pastel colours – what more could you ask of a wedding? We love hearing a good love story so here are a few words from this gorgeous bride about how her perfect day eventuated. Once you’re done reading, check out these gorgeous images captured by the incredible Sweet Hope Photography.

On how they met

The story of how we met is not in any way worthy of a 90s rom-com; in fact it is rather boring. What is special about us is the fact that we are really, truly best friends. We share everything and know the vast meaning conveyed by every little raise of an eyebrow or turn of a smile, and not only that, but no-one else in the world knows the depths of how utterly crazy each of us are.

Although as I type this I will say that the proposal deserves a special mention. My husband secretly bought the perfect ring, sent me out to dinner with my sister on my birthday, was waiting on a jetty with one hundred candles and our photographer, and had completely organised a massive engagement party to go straight to, along with a whole new outfit for me to wear!

On their wedding day

When I think of the word amazing, our whole wedding comes to mind, but it can really be distilled down to one thing: the tree. I have always dreamed of saying my vows under a beautiful big tree and following the suggestion of our dear friend and wedding photographer we went for a drive through the sunshine coast hinterlands to check out Yandina Station. From the moment we rounded the farmhouse and saw the giant fig tree we knew it was perfect and my husband-to-be whispered that we wouldn’t be looking at any other venues. We booked in a date right then and there and everything flowed on from that choice. It turned out to be the cornerstone that made our wedding so special to us, and seemed tailor-made for our relaxed, fun and slightly quirky style.

After that decision was made the wedding seemed to organise itself; Everything from the perfect Queen Anne-style red couch we found on Gumtree (which looked like it was designed for wedding photography) to my father-in-law marrying us effortlessly fell together.


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