Spring Fun


Play: Badminton

Take a step back in time with this backyard racquet game. Ah, a true game of skill! Set up a badminton court and get a little competitive against your loved one or as part of a couples’ double game. Shuttlecocks may look like fairies but can fly faster than speeding bullets when smacked with gusto, so prepare to be kept on your toes and to find out how fit you truly are. It’s all the more fun when you can dress up in old-school outfits, so go crazy at Vinnies—then go crazy on the court!

Make: Homemade lemonade

It’s a good thing when life doesn’t give us lemons but we believe there are times that call for making lemonade—like spring! Combine a cup of sugar and a cup of water in a saucepan until the sugar dissolves. When it cools, add a cup of lemon juice. Use this as your “cordial” and top with soda water to taste. For a happy-hour boost, add in a dash of tequila. Bottoms up!

Eat: Sorbet ice-cream

In pastel greens, pinks and yellows, sorbets are definitely the dessert of the season. Finish off your picnic or date night with scrumptious spoonfuls of spring-coloured sweetness. There’s no reason to hold off on adding that extra ball to your bowl either. Sorbets are lighter on the hips than ice cream, yet just as delicious. Tastes best when spoon-fed by that special someone—especially when you share the spoon.

Dream: Bubble blowers

Nothing takes us back to carefree childhood days like puffing out a writhing cloud of bubbles in the backyard. If you run out of bubble mix, making a homemade version is as easy as stirring together detergent, water and a pinch of sugar. While you’re connecting with all that’s good about a childhood past, how about also sharing your hopes for the future? Endless fun is only a bubble wand away, so draw your weapons for a mass bubble-athon and limber up those lungs for the best huffing frenzy ever!

Wear: Toms shoes
Long walks on the beach. Strolling in the park. Venturing outside after a long winter is all the more exciting when you step out in style. There’s nothing cuter than donning a pair of Toms together! These shoes were made for walkin’ and for couple activities galore. Just remember to keep your eyes on where you’re going and not just on your shoes. For matchy-matchy or individual tastes, putting your best foot forward is easy!

Relax: Picnic rugs

With warmer weather comes the trading of cuddly nights-in for soft grass and ice cream, and snuggies for picnic rugs. Park up and laze the afternoon away beneath newly green trees without having to worry about snatching back the blanket to keep shivery toes warm. Don’t get us wrong, as much as we love green grass, springtime dreaming is made so much comfier (and less itchy) with the velvety help of a picnic rug!

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