Spontaneous Elopement in the Mountains: Rachel + Erik


A few days before Rachel and Erik moved into a new apartment, Rachel was telling a friend that it would be cute if he proposed on moving day. Moving day came along when Erik called Rachel into the bedroom to help him with a box. Rachel came in to find Erik perched on the edge of the bed, ring box in hand. Ecstatic, Rachel tackled him in a hug and couldn’t stop yelling “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!”

The pair were actually introduced when mutual friends tried to set them up. It didn’t really work out at the time; they weren’t ready for each other yet. But, three years later when Erik decided he was ready, he sent her a “Hey Rach” text out of the blue. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Erik describes his feelings for Rachel like crossing the border into your home state and everything begins to feel comfortable again. For Erik, Rachel is home. And the feeling is most definitely mutual!

In the lead up to the wedding, they became overwhelmed with the feeling that their wedding was going to become one grand show, and it had lost sight of the point. In a drastic overhaul, the pair ditched their elaborate plans and escaped to the Oregon mountains to enjoy their intimate big day in seclusion, with only the celebrant and photographer sharing the same air.

Scroll down to see the intimate images captured by Victoria Carlson Photography.


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