Gina + James: Spanish Villa Wedding


Gina and James, are a gorgeous couple living in the UK with Spanish and Welsh backgrounds, and connections from all of the above including Australia, Indonesia and England. They chose to be married on the grounds of a sweet, Spanish villa with the overall wedding theme and aim: “Less is more.” (Which, by the way their photos turned out, seemed to be well-received!) Their gorgeous photos are a combo of Joseph Willis and Tane Meiring, who also love to travel around the world photographing magical days such as this one…


Tell us about the proposal!

Gina: He nailed it. You wont believe it! The story is, I’m an actress and my favourite place in the world is this old theatre in Brighton (UK) where we have been living for the last two and a half years. One day he went to work and left a letter at home telling me to meet him at 5pm at the Royal Theatre. I was very excited, because for once he was taking me to the theatre and not to the football!

While I was walking down to the theatre I actually got a bit confused and felt I wanted to kill him… it was Thursday and on Thursdays there aren’t plays at 5 o clock. But I kept walking… and as soon as I arrived there was this lady at the door and she said “Hello Gina, welcome to the theatre. Please, follow me” and I knew. I knew what was about to happen. The theatre was empty but musicians were playing different instruments all over the theatre. They sat me at the royal box and all went pitch black. When the lights turned on he was there: downstairs, looking at me, and he said “ You are my best friend, will you marry me?”


Apart from the FANTASTIC proposal… How did you know James was the one?

He took my breath away and he still does. I don’t think there was anything in particular. I just knew… I can’t explain it, you have to feel it. My grandmother used to tell me, “The day you meet the man of your life you will feel it.” I never understood what she meant at the time, but now I do.


What do you love most about him?

He saved me when I was in the darkest moment of my life. He believed in me when nobody did. Plus, he is this very confident but shy, sexy Welsh guy.


What were your first thoughts when you saw James on your wedding day?

I thought I was making the best decision of my life.


What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

When my dad told me how proud he was.


Did you follow all of the usual wedding traditions on the day, or did you create your own?

We created our own. It was quite a bit cultural shock, James is Welsh, I’m Spanish, and we had people coming from Australia, England, Indonesia and Spain… I don’t think we are a very traditional couple!

He walked down the aisle with his mum, I walked first half with my brother and then my brother gave me to my daddy and he walked me until the end. We had some speeches at the ceremony and some other speeches at the dinner. And our first dance.. Oh my god! Our first song was a Rock and Roll and then we did a performance of The Little Mermaid: my husband is a very good Sebastian!


Any advice for future couples getting married?

Be yourself, don’t listen to anyone. As soon as you say you are getting married everyone will know about weddings more than you and they will just confuse you. Enjoy every second because it goes very fast, drink expensive bubbles and have a pack of tissues for the next morning!


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