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Siobhan + Danny


It’s not every day that you come across a wedding that includes pirates, but Siobhan and Danny fully embraced this quirky addition for their ceremony held on a rustic ship. The reception that followed was held at the beachside cafe, a setting that was more “from the heart” for this delightful pair. Scroll down to see all the fun and excitement from the day, captured by Antony Merat, and to find out how Danny popped the question.

“Danny proposed to me while we were on a road trip through California. We had visited Napa the day before and I had drunk quite a lot of wine and just missed loads of cues from him. Now I know he was planning to propose there, it seems really obvious, but at the time I just thought he was being really odd. The next day he was so jumpy and quiet – I thought he was as hungover as I was! We drove from Napa to Carmel, a beautiful seaside town. He seemed to visibly relax when we got there – now I know it’s because he saw how pretty it was and was coming up with a plan B. That night we went for dinner at a cute place and we walked down to the seafront afterwards to look at the waves. While we sat under this lovely big tree watching the waves we talked about our trip and our lives together. He said to me “Siobhan, you’re my best friend, my soulmate and my lover. And I’d like you to be my wife”. I was still staring at the waves and thought we were still just chatting about our lives so I started to say, “I know it will happen one day” (as I had so many times) and then I turned and he was on his knee with this beautiful ring. Not the engagement ring I am wearing now, but he had fixed a ring that he had given me to celebrate our first year together. I was beyond surprised!”


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