Simply Peachy’s whimsical wedding


With so much emphasis placed on the bride and groom when it comes to the typical wedding shoot, Simply Peachy decided that it was time to shake things up and shift the spotlight onto the bridesmaids.

This styled shoot is interlaced with glitz and glam with an overall whimsical vibe, highlighting the importance of fun and friendship within a wedding.

A wedding is not only about the journey the bride and groom are about to embark on, but also about celebrating friendships with those who are present to support them.

This is exactly what Simply Peachy has captured in this shoot, proving that you can’t go wrong with a few pops of colour and elements of party fun.

With bright floral designs and a modern take on the traditional party balloon, Simply Peachy has created the perfect whimsical wonderland for brides and bridesmaids alike.

Lucky for us, David from We Are Origami Photography has perfectly captured the excitement of the day. Scroll down to see!


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