A simple, garden wedding at home.


A quick ceremony in the backyard and a long, relaxed meal with close family – a simple wedding at it’s finest, captured by Morgan Roberts.

Georgie and James wanted a low key affair, and with her family all living out of town they hired a beautiful little house that everyone could stay in. It was intimate and sweet, with the family preparing the food themselves the day before. We fell in love with the tiny details of the day – the table settings, the cake, her one of a kind skirt (a floral, colour explosion!), and the quietness of that ceremony outside. We asked James a few questions about her day:

Tell us about your proposal.
Funnily enough neither of us can remember when or how we came to the decision to get married – it was kind of a gradual thing and then suddenly we were in the throes of planning a secret ceremony!

What was your favourite part of the wedding day?
We tried to come up with one favourite part and to be totally honest we just couldn’t – it was all even better than we had imagined! If we had to pick a couple of things they would be: having our family there – it was really special to have each of our siblings be our official witnesses; and exchanging our beautiful rings custom made for us by our friend Welfe – they’re a lovely symbol of our love and commitment.

Describe your wedding theme:
It was a pretty low key affair – Georgia’s family all live out of town so we hired a beautiful house that we could all stay at and arrived the day before so that we could prepare the food ourselves. On the day it was just our immediate families, our celebrant, Lamson, and photographer, Morgs, for a quick ceremony in the back yard followed by a delicious, long lunch.


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