Sequins, Macrame and a Caravan Bar


My mum always said “when you know, you know,” and when I met Jonno finally I felt like I understood what she meant.

Becca and Jonno were married on New Years Eve in the summers heat. Their motto for the day was to ‘plan a marriage, not a wedding.’ Keeping this in mind as a guide for their decisions, they had a huge gathering in their own backyard that focused on family and friends, with a emphasis on sustainability to make their choices and purchases as long lasting as they could!

When they first met, Becca fell for Jonno straight away. ‘He was gentle and honest, interesting, extremely caring, I loved talking to him and hearing what he thought about things.’ The first time they met was at the door step of her house which would one day become their home together, the place they said ‘I do,’ and afterwards would become the place they would have their son Ellis!

They had first planed on a glamping style, festival wedding and looked a ton of venues, but nothing clicked! Until they realized that home is where they are most themselves – and it was literally where they first met! They spent the next 6 months transforming their home into a place fit for our wedding. Everything was fixed up – new bathrooms, a paint job, even the roof! The outdoor area was transformed into an incredible garden for their growing family to enjoy for years to come.

“Having our wedding at home was by far the best choice we made. It made it so much more personal and intimate, and at the end of the night we got to get into our own bed!”

It was important to Becca + Jonno that their wedding was as sustainable as possible. “We avoided disposable stuff, planned all the outfits to be things we and our bridal party would wear again, hired things and used lots of local suppliers. We tried not to be wasteful. But mostly, we invested our money in our home, in building a place for us to wake up in each day and now I get to look out and see where we got married every day and be reminded of all that love and magic.”

Wow. We are seriously in love. Check out these beautiful images by one of our favorites, James Bennett:


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