The Secret Garden


Bryon Bay has it’s very own Secret Garden, a fresh inviting venue with all the essentials for a fab and relaxing knees up. It also happens to be where this stunning styled shoot took place; a fun, relaxed idea for your day that has us grinning from ear to ear. I mean what more could any two folks in love want? Nothing really beats the stunning arrangement of popping florals or that rustic slash slightly nautical feel to every aspect of decor. When it comes to celebrating a milestone event we reckon this is the way to go. The Events Lounge have done a jaw-dropping job with the styling, which reminds us of an even luxer version of our posh, unforgettable nights out with our nearest and dearest. That said, they did have a stellar team to make this jewel of their imaginings a reality. You can’t help but smile and unwind when you clap eyes on that flowing gown, perfectly trimmed beard and table of plenty in nature’s midst. Take a moment or two, grab a cuppa and lose yourself in today’s slice of heaven.

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