Erwin + Suzanne: Scenic Belgium Wedding Vibes


In another life I might have become a destination wedding photographer, or something of the like that would give me the opportunity to participate in such special wedding events like Erwin and Suzanne’s! Thus, it is a pleasure to receive some amazing pictures from Alice Mahran who does actually speak that language, of beautiful moments captured; stories and colours documented.

Erwin and Suzanne were married in a sweet farm house in Belgium, surrounded by their family and friends who watched on and celebrated with them. As opposed to a classic one day wedding affair that many opt for, this shindig of an extended celebration was kicked off with a week prior in the Ardennes. “The first look was definitely the highlight for both of us, but the whole week in the Ardennes was almost equally incredible. From swimming to relaxing in the sauna, a lovely night before with fun acts from friends and family, exploring the surroundings, big dinners and wine tastings, good talks at the campfire and just lots of love and laughter. This made the wedding day even more relaxed and fun since everyone already knew each other!”

I have to say, their pictures do speak wonders of the event, a real treat of a wedding, and witness to the relationship they share.

“I love his kindness to everyone and his adventurous character. He is incredibly social. I can’t describe how thankful I am to share memorable experiences with the love of my life. Last summer we met so many amazing people and got to explore new parts of the world through doing something we love. It’s super special.”


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