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Say Peace Posters


“Basking in the celebratory months of an Australian Summer, we’re finding the continued devastation unfolding in Syria particularly surreal and hard to comprehend. As an instinctual reaction to the heartbreaking photography emerging, a swift collaboration has been formed, drawing together kindred creatives, desperate to help!”

Say PEACE! Posters is a gallery platform of uplifting art, donated by celebrated Australian photographers and artists. Artworks are available in limited supply as magnificent A1 posters (think super affordable, large scale art for your wall) with 100% of profits going directly to aid the people of Aleppo.

An initiative of Erin Neale and Tara Pearce (of Erin & Tara), Say PEACE! Posters gathers together artists hoping to counter photography of violence and destruction with art celebrating beauty, colour and light. The goal being a creative and personalised way to contribute to a catastrophic crisis.

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Issue 41 Out Now $15 Free Shipping to Australia