The gentleman + the savvy bride


Here we have one of those incredibly gorgeous weddings that makes us pause in our tracks and gawk rather absurdly. Alison and Mike’s celebration of love and each other is one for the books for several reasons, not least because everything about the look and style of the event was incredible. Alison’s gown from Savvy Brides played the hero hands down; the one thing she would have wanted perfect above all. And it was. Apart from makeup, it’s our choice in gown that makes those of us who have been brides the belle’s of the ball. And aside from the overwhelming love our husbands-to-be have for us, our beauty–accentuated by our gown–is why they weep, and why our parents weep and our dearest friends too. It shows how much we want to look on the outside the gift we are on the inside and presents to our husbands a deep unchanging love in rather smashing packaging. Thanks Savvy Brides for your exquisite handiwork and for sharing this wedding. 




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