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Sarah + Hon: a Paris engagement


Hand-in-hand, Sarah and Hon wandered the beautiful Parisian city, celebrating their new engagement. The scene was simple and sweet, and here they share more details about their journey together as a couple.

When, where and how did you meet and fall in love with each other? We met in the city of Montreal in Canada while studying at the same university. We knew it was a bad idea to start dating because he was graduating soon, but we did it anyway! Hon soon left for Ireland to study medicine, and myself to Vancouver. We fell in love through text, Skype, and lots of emojis. Five years, two continents, and three cities later, we finally said goodbye to long distance!

Why did you decide to come to Paris? It was always my dream to go to Paris. And what better first time than to go with the person I’m going to marry!

When, where and how did he propose? Hon took me on a trip to New York, knowing that it was one of my favourite places in the word. We had just finished watching Wicked (best Broadway show ever by the way), grabbed a quick dinner, and went back to our hotel in Soho. It was a relaxing night as we sat on the balcony on a wooden swing, staring into the surrounding concrete buildings that lit up the sky. Then he just asked.

Which moment did you like most during your Paris trip/ photo session and what was totally different than expected? The best part of the trip was the food! We could not stop eating. It was a total out of body experience! As for the photo session I was initially dreading the rain, and thought I would be disappointed if our day wasn’t sunny. But I wasn’t at all! The whole day felt very special and lighthearted. I was just so happy to be in this beautiful city, with the person I love, taking photos with a very talented photographer, and enjoying every minute!


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