Sarah + Brendon


Sarah and Brendon were completely showered with love and generosity from friends and family on their wedding day. Everything from the styling, cakes and florals to the venue and transport were catered for thanks to their nearest and dearest, so their day was used to reflect these sincere people in their lives.

Because their family plays such a key role to Sarah and Brendon, the couple included elements that honoured their relatives. ‘Sarah’s grandparents couldn’t make it to the wedding. They are two of her favourite people and have a relationship that is seriously inspirational. There is so much love, respect and loyalty shared between them. They have been married for over 55 years and for half of those they have played three games of Yahtzee every night. So because they couldn’t make the wedding, to pay tribute to their love and marriage we played a game of Yahtzee as our first game as a married couple, which we have framed and will give to them. If we can have a marriage anything similar to theirs, we will have an unbelievable life together,’ says Brendon.

Scroll down to see all the intimate and thoughtful details from the day, with photography by Justin Ma.


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