Sarah + Adam


Drenched in the overflowing love of her husband and daughter, Sarah spent the morning preparing her family for their intimate wedding day consisting of just the three of them together on the Greek Island of Santorini, celebrating their endless love for one another. The intricate lace details of her My Lover the Label gown was made visible as the Aagean Sea floated swiftly in aftermath of Grecian sun, creating the perfect romantic ambiance to compliment the love of the journey in which they were about to embark. “My favourite memory from our elopement would have to be when the celebrant pronounced us husband and wife. We had a kiss and a giggle, then danced around to the traditional Greek music with our daughter, while onlookers clapped and cheered us on from all around the island.” Cassandra Ladru captured the intimate moments shared through out the day as pictured below.


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