Sancia + Mitchell


At first glance, this looks like your portrait session complete with breathtaking scenery and a too-cute-for words couple. But there’s more to this shoot than meets the eye. Sancia and Mitchell are embarking on a journey of discovery, taking couple shots every anniversary to see how they have evolved through marriage. ‘Our goal is capture a little bit of what our year has held for us as a couple, get to know and learn from other photographers (hopefully all over the world), and spend some time together on the other side of the camera. We are still articulating exactly what this will look like in years to come, and are completely ok with the fact that it may change as we grow together, but we have decided that the photos will only ever be of the two of us. Someday we hope to have a family, but we want to keep this project as a way to reflect our relationship, our romance, and our marriage over the years. We also want these sessions to become a collaboration between us and the photographer.’


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