Katrina and Isaac: Indie Spirit


Amazing Perth photographer Samuel Goh got us feeling all philosophical when he shared his photo series of Katrina and Isaac’s e-shoot.

“Fate is a funny thing,” says Sam. “Sometimes it places certain people in your life that you’d never imagine are supposed to be there and other times it takes people away from your life. Yet, I believe that everything happens for a reason and perhaps sometimes an important somebody leaves your life, only to re-enter it later. When your lives cross paths again, everything just resumes from where it left off and this time it fits more perfectly than before. I guess, life is sometimes funny this way.”

Katrina and Isaac met when they were much younger and were introduced to each other by a friend. They were on and off romantically, but always remained great friends and confidants. Years later, they came together, never to part again. The innocence of their young love was so sweetly captured when Sam spent the evening in the gorgeous Swan Valley in Perth with some really beautiful lighting and one beautiful couple.


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