Sam + Tom



We booked a holiday to Thailand for July 2015 as part of Tom’s 30th birthday. Little did I know that the holiday I thought I was embarking on would actually turn out to be more than I anticipated. We were in Koh Samui when Tom decided that he couldn’t keep the sparkly ring a secret any longer—he hired a scooter and scouted the island for the perfect location to bend down on one knee. He came across Crystal Beach and thought he couldn’t get much better. So after a day or two, Tom and I hopped on the scooter to go spend a day swimming and relaxing at this beautiful oasis. But there was a twist. I had just started to get better after a few days of Thailand belly and wasn’t overly patient with Tom’s nervous behaviour (he forgot to pack towels and sunscreen to top off the nerves). Right then and there, Tom knew it wasn’t the right moment to propose. So, Plan B it was—a candlelit dinner, cocktails and champagne on the beach, with a lantern lit-up in the night sky. Tom dropped to one knee, and the rest as they say is history … with A LOT of happy tears!

When I asked you to marry me, I knew you were the only one in the world for me. You’re an honest, caring and extremely driven individual who will do anything and everything for the people you love and it’s something that I admire and love about you. For our marriage, I don’t have any wild dreams so to speak. I can honestly say my only dream is to just be with you. I just want to spend my days with you, share the special moments in life with you and be the person you need when times are good and bad. We have experienced so many things already in our relationship, but this is only the beginning. It’s exciting to think we’ve only just started to get to know each other. There’s so much more to explore and look forward to in our lives—kids, travel, adventure and loads more! Wherever life takes me, all I know is that I want it to be with you. I couldn’t imagine it with anyone else. I love you!

From the moment I met you (in your suave 80s get-up), I knew that my life was going to be filled with fun, laughter and a whole-lotta love. Six wonderful years on, and you are still unlike any man I have ever met.
You are down-to-earth, unbelievably patient, talented, sensitive, kind-hearted and compassionate. Your ability to see the positive in every situation (even when Carlton and the Raiders have a bad game) is something that I not only love about you, but also admire. When I am with you, you make me a better person. In the past few years you have helped open my eyes to what is really important: a life full of love, compassion and equality. So it’s only natural for me to say that our marriage is our commitment to be equal partners in life. You are without a doubt the love of my life. And I would just like to say thank you for allowing me to stand by your side as we enjoy this crazy ride called life.


I chose you to be no other than yourself, loving what I know of you, trusting what I do not yet know. I will respect you as an individual, a partner and an equal. I promise to laugh with you when times are good and endure with you when they are bad. I will always adore, honour and encourage you. You are my best friend and I will love you always.


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