Ryder Evans: Elissah + Luke


Elissah and Luke’s simple country wedding perfectly summarises their love – pure and honest. Read their adorable proposal story below, and check out some incredible photography of their big day, captured by Ryder Evans.
Elissah: Luke and I had been backpacking through Europe for about seven weeks, with a final stop for two weeks in the US. On a 40-degree New York day, Luke decided we’d spend it in Central Park where he could go for a run and we could picnic and use the outdoor pool. After being gone for quite some time, Luke finally came back carrying my favourite flowers. He then handed me a postcard that said, I’ve loved every minute of the last seven years with you and no w I can’t wait for forever. Will you marry me? After a delighftul yes, we spent the rest of the night eating, drinking and enjoying our moment in a huge city that we loved.


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