Rustic Rural Wedding Venue – Espley’s Old Sawmill


Espley’s Old Sawmill is a rustic rural venue for weddings and celebrations, and we’re obsessing over the sweeping trees and rustic colours. Nestled at the foot of the Watagan Mountains, in the prestigious rural valley of Martinsville, it’s a place with rich pioneer history and country charm.

The venue is on the site where Arthur Espley and his wife established the first commercial sawmill in the area around the late 1800s. Their original garden path made from rumbled bricks now provides a rustic aisle running through the leafy outdoor ‘chapel’. The brick chimneys that were once in their cottage have been artfully crafted into the space so that crackling fires can create warm ambience on cool evenings. Convict-made bricks pave the main entertaining and dancing under a timber pergola fringed with grape vines. The site overlooks a natural billabong where platypus, turtles, frogs and native birds thrive.

We understand that your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and that you deserve a charming space to create lasting memories.

Tanya and Paul Crawford bought the property in 2012 from descendants of a pioneer family and created a wonderful home for their family. When they decided to marry in 2015 they could think of nowhere nicer to host the event. Now, Matthew Voigt manages the venue so that like-minded couples can share the space with their dearest friends and family!


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