Julia + Lachy: Rustic Hunter Valley Wedding


We have a truly sweet and funny interview with Julia, on her romance and marriage to her lover Lachy.

How did you know your partner was the one? I couldn’t put it down to one particular thing or time. It definitely wasn’t love at first sight with one of my first memories of him being in little AFL shorts eating roughly ten Weetbix from a mixing bowl. But he’s just constantly surprised and impressed me with how he deals with everything we’ve come across in life. He also makes me laugh, even when I’m so mad so that’s a bit of a gift.

What do you love most about your partner? I love that he’s a quiet, humble achiever and is also ridiculously funny… And can dunk in basketball.

Did you follow all of the usual wedding traditions on the day, or did you create your own? I feel like we made it a good mixture – we had a traditional Christian wedding with hymns and a sermon, which was one of the most important parts for the both of us. My father walked me down the aisle, we had traditional vows, and a first dance. But then again we didn’t have a wedding cake so you could call us reckless…

Can you tell us about the proposal? Lach called me around 3:30am on a Saturday morning telling me to get dressed. He then picked me up not telling me where we were going, with packed coffee (hot & cold brew), snacks and toasted delicious sandwiches. We arrived at Honeymoon Point (down from Echo Lookout in the Blue Mountains) just in time for first light driving the whole way to a playlist of my favourite songs he had taken note of for the past three years. It was in late August, and so was freezing. When we eventually got out of the car to watch the sunrise I asked if we had anything to lean my phone on to take a picture, to which he answered with sliding the ring case out from underneath his sleeve and asking if “this would help?”. How smooth! I didn’t cry at all, just nervous giggled the whole time and when we drove to the only café open for breakfast in Katoomba it was to the beautifully timed Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love”.

We can agree, there’s nothing quite like some well-timed Beyonce for the ultimate celebration. Check out the dreamy images by Nick Sim Photography below.


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