Rustic Farm Wedding


This warm, heartfelt wedding had us dreaming of exploring forests and slowing down precious moments. With a very natural and rustic style, Sarah + Andy’s day featured a ton of organic materials and greenery, long farmhouse style table settings, and a naked cake that should be on every wedding pinterest board!

We asked Sarah about Andy,

“I knew he was the one from the first day I met him.

He was the perfect balance of kind, funny and full-of-life that I looked for in a person. He was always there through the good and the bad and had never once given me reason to feel anything but happiness. I knew he was the one when he was for me before anyone else was. I love his incredibly not funny ‘dad jokes’ and his way to make every experience into a positive one. I love his supportive and kindhearted nature and how we have an inside joke for pretty much everything.

Marriage to me is finding someone who you want to spend all your adventures with for the rest of your life. It means having someone to talk to and to listen to every day and share the ups and downs that you no longer face alone. It is finding that one person in this great, big, scary world that you just couldn’t do life without.”


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