Rustic Character


Rustic Character is a boutique event styling and prop hire business known for producing and stocking unique, hard to find furnishings, styling and décor items. Here they share the ins and outs of their services, and what inspired them to explore this business venture.

What’s the inspiration behind your company/business?

We planned our own wedding in Dec 2013 in five weeks as we wanted it to be a surprise wedding without all the fuss. During the short planning for our wedding, we realised that we couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for and in the event we rarely did find it, we couldn’t afford it. So I set out to find some rare treasures which resulted in my husband‐to‐be having to drive all over the place to pick it all up.

Anyway, the day turned out perfectly and it was simple and rustic which was what we had wanted. Now that it was all over, we had all of these beautiful items that we had collected and we just didn’t want to let go of them just yet. We had a few offers from people wanting to buy them but this got us thinking that perhaps other couples might be interested in hiring these items for their wedding. And that’s where it all began!

How did you go about starting it up?

We started of with just a simple business page on Facebook. The business and our page continued to grow and grow. And as the needs of our clients grew and changed, so too did our offerings and the services we provided. Most of our business was word of mouth and we ended up needing more and more inventory and more space to store it all.

What makes your company/business unique?

We offer our lovely clients a personal service that will take the stress out of the planning of their wedding ceremony. Rustic Character is a boutique styling and prop hire business based in Sydney and our aim is to provide our lovely clients with that special something that will make their wedding day (or special event) one that will never be forgotten. Our items are custom-made and all complement each other. We offer Wedding Packages that will cater to couples wanting a simple, stunning wedding ceremony space, all the way through to the couples who dream of a lavish ceremony with no small detail left out.

We love that we get to know each of our couples, and as an added extra we always throw in a few small extras that will add the finishing touches at no additional charge. Seeing our clients happy is why we are in business ‐ we love hearing how they felt when they saw their ceremony space for the first time. Our items are mainly made from recycled products and we do a lot of upcycling. Our style is a little vintage mixed with a lot of rustic.

What does a typical day look like for you?

We have a young family so there isn’t really such a thing as a typical day for us, but this keeps us on our toes. Each day we are reading and responding to emails from our potential clients, obviously sending out a lot of quotes and having face‐to‐face meetings with our clients to finalise the details for their big day. We spend a lot of time looking at wedding blogs and putting together inspiration boards to ensure that we keep up with the ever changing trends and different styles. Pinterest is amazing but we troll through wedding magazines and blogs from all around the world. Our minds are blown away by the beauty of a wedding space and the endless options brides and grooms have to ensure their space suits their personality and style. Our items require a lot of time to maintain and ensure that they stay in immaculate condition as a wedding day, for some, is the most important day of their lives. It is one they will never forget so we want to ensure we don’t let them down in any area.

What’s your favourite thing about working with couples?

To be honest, most of our contact is with the brides and the grooms tend to pop their opinion in towards the end and as we get closer to the event date. We love hearing their vision and working with each of them to achieve this. We love the excitement we can see and hear when a bride is talking about what she wants ‐ we are here to help and we try to do everything we can to. We arrange flowers and all the furniture required for a wedding ceremony and we can even arrange and deliver their wedding cake.

Our absolute favourite thing is hearing from our couples after their big day about how much they loved their ceremony space; that everyone else was talking about how beautiful and unique it was and how much they appreciated all the effort, added extras and details that were put into their day.

We have even had brides tell us they were brought to tears as they were walking down the aisle looking at their ceremony space all set up and styled beautifully. One bride emailed us telling us that while they were walking down the aisle they were thinking, “I cant believe this is all for us ‐ it’s just perfect”.

What does marriage mean to you?

Marriage to me means loving life and having my best friend at my side. Having someone to share life’s trivial day to day happenings, both good and bad. Supporting one another and accepting that you are different people but together you can make it work. Marriage to me means sharing life’s difficulties and supporting one another through them. Marriage is not easy but it is definitely worth it. My husband and I have two beautiful little girls and it melts my heart when he tells me, “Growing old with you is one of my favourite things to do”.


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