Rustic Black Tie Wedding: Laura + Girish


Not content with only having one wedding ceremony in India, Laura and Girish had a second celebration with their family and friends in South Australia. Despite a lot of unplanned chaos, the pair were determined not to let anything bring them down on their day.

Tell us about your proposal. Against the advice of his well-wishing co-workers, Girish decided to propose at the start of our degustation dinner in Penang, Malaysia (rather than after), ensuring that we were both far too excited to actually eat the meal. It was quite adorable though, Girish nervously threw the ring at me over the table and mumbled something about marrying him, before we were suddenly being manipulated into all sorts of awkward poses for photographs by the eager wait staff.

How did you know your partner was the one? When we got back from a six week trip to Europe without having killed one another.

What do you love most about your partner?

Laura: When we’re mad, we can still laugh at each other. I know we’re always on the same side regardless of any fleeting disagreement.

Girish: Laura has always put 100% into our relationship. She has a great sense of humour but knows when to be serious; something that I’m terrible at. She appears to love those things about me that most people find objectionable. I am comfortable being myself in any situation and I can continue being objectionable to my heart’s content.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day? This was actually our “second” wedding after getting married in India in December. After that we thought our Australian nuptials would be calm and easy. It was actually absolute chaos where almost everything that could go wrong, did, and yet somehow it just added to this wonderful, relaxed atmosphere. We had stand-in MCs, no running sheet and just total disorder. It was so imperfect that it was just perfect.

Describe your wedding theme? Our wedding was black tie but in a marquee in a beautiful country garden setting, so it was kind of a rustic black tie. We chose simple colours in lots of different textures for the flowers, and crisp white linen with dark brown chairs. The end result was clean, rich and unstructured.

What is marriage to you? Teaming up with your favourite person to take on the world together.

Experience Laura and Girish’s joy with these delightful images by Tomek Photography.


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