Rue De Seine in the City of Love


We didn’t think Rue De Seine’s gowns could get any more stunning if they tried. But alas, we have been rightfully put in our place on this one. Rue De Seine’s latest shoot in the city of love, Paris, has us absolutely and utterly lost for words. Being whisked away to one of the most magical cities on this planet is certainly one thing to rave about, but even more fab is how this shoot proves the versatility of Rue De Seine’s gowns. The possibilities seem endless for this incredible label, which can take you from bohemian goddess to classic romantic beauty in a heartbeat. We have to thank the effortlessly talented Jean-Laurent Gaudy Photography for these sensational pics, and of course the team from Rue De Seine for sharing. Be warned folks, it might take a few moments for your brain to begin formulating words again after you’re through ogling.


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