Love + Marriage

Ron & Grace


The 1940’s saw the beginning of the Great War, but it brought love to Anglican Care Residents, Ron and Grace Robertson who fell in love during a chance church meeting.

Musician Grace and banker Ron locked eyes at their local church in Branxton, NSW, building their relationship into a strong cornerstone as they faced many trials throughout their relationship. But through wars, children and grand children, their love has remained steadfast.

Throughout their relationship, Ron and Grace loved spending time together golfing, playing tennis and dancing. A lively era for dances, Grace, played piano in a local orchestra called Devers Swing Band. It was music that got Grace through one of the most difficult times in their relationship.

At 23, Ron was called to New Guinea to stop the Japanese from coming to Australia. “It was a hard time for everybody,” he said. “I didn’t know if I was coming back or not and the battles and conditions were extreme.”

Ron did return from war, and Grace was there every step of the way to support him.

Knowing that if their love could withstand being torn apart during wartime, it could stand the test of time, the couple decided to marry.

On 11th April, 1942 a large group family and friends gathered at the Church of England chapel in Branxton to watch a kind musician and a handsome GI vow their eternal love to one another.
Grace wore a cream lace dress hand-sewn by her mother while Ron proudly donned a crisp Australian Army uniform. The couple recalls everything about the day being perfect – the weather, the dress, and the church.

Their Honeymoon to Katoomba was the first of many travels to come during their marriage. The couple’s passports are full of stamps from all over North America and Europe as even into the late years of their marriage, they still cherish each other’s company.

The Robertson’s marriage hasn’t been all trials and tribulations, however. The couple reflects on the happiest times in their lives as birth of their two children when they lived in Mullumbimby for three-and-a-half years.

70 years, two children and four grand children later, the couple remains strong. Now living in Anglican Care’s Scenic Lodge Merewether, the couple actively takes part in the day excursions and social activities on offer.
The key to a happy life, says Grace, is “taking life as it comes. We’re patient with each other.”

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