Romantic, Elegant and a little rugged – Iceland Elopement


When Anna and Dane decided to ditch the idea of of a big, traditional wedding in favor of intimate vows under the wild skies of Iceland, they knew they were making one of the best decisions. Adventurers at heart, they got engaged at the top of a strenuous hike with a perfect view, and couldn’t think of a better location than Iceland to hike around in wedding gear and start their marriage together with quiet, intimate joy!

Captured by Stephanie Fisher of From The Daisies, this wedding was a perfect display of Anna + Dane’s own relationship – intimate, adventurous, comfortable, romantic, elegant, yet a little rugged ;) Watch in these gorgeous images as their day unfolds, from the ceremony in the Black Church at Hotel Budir, to finding waterfalls, bumping into horses and making out on the top of cliffs (yes please!). 

We talked with Anna about their relationship and were so enamored by her responses we just HAD to share!

How did you know Dane was the one?

I knew Dane was the one pretty early on in our relationship. The way we met, the things we learned we had in common, all of it just seemed like fate. The level of comfort he gave me right away was also an indicator. I never had to be someone I was not and was able to be the same around him as I was at home by myself. Dane and I have been long distance for most of our relationship, and the times away were tough, but it made me realize, I couldn’t imagine or wanted a life with anyone else.

What was your favorite part of the wedding day?

Our wedding day to us was perfect, and we wouldn’t change anything about it. From Dane running around trying to make sure everything was perfect for me that day, to putting together the florals last minute, and hiking in a wedding dress to get amazing photos. Everything was so memorable and will never be forgotten. But, if I had to choose one part, it would be exchanging our vows. Dane and I are both not ones that like to be the center of attention. The thought of saying personal vows in front of a big group of people did not excite us. We decided to ditch the idea of a big, traditional wedding so that we would comfortably be able to tell each other our most personal vows. This is one of the best decisions I think we have made. Being able to do that truly allowed our wedding day to be about us and our love.

What is marriage to you?

Marriage to me is the ultimate commitment to each other. A true promise that will never be broken between us and God. It is becoming a team. A team in which the teammates don’t go against each other, but works together, through all things, to conquer all. It is being there for your partner in any time or weather. To support them with all of your ability. To put aside any selfish desires for the betterment of the relationship. It is being patient, kind, and understanding of your partner. A willingness to be there for your spouse for anything, without judgement, and they are willing to do the same for you. It is always wanting, looking out for, and working for the happiness of your spouse and overall success of the marriage. Ultimately, marriage is loving your partner unconditionally for the rest of your lives and stopping at nothing to continue growing your love for each other.

Here’s the gorgeous film by Martin Kacvinsky!


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