Romantic Country Wedding


“I love knowing the man that no one else gets to see, his absolute unwavering support and belief in me, and his capacity in always choosing to see the best in people.”

This simple, rustic and heartfelt country wedding gave us all the feels. Captured by Morgan Roberts, this sunny day held everything from a custom blue tulle skirt to a gorgeous country sunset (only in Australia!). We asked Claire and Nathan about their wedding, and their answers were so beautiful we had to put them right here for you!

How did you know your partner was the one?

Nathan: Having navigated the two extremes of a relationship – two years of interstate long distance, and eight months of 24/7 paired travel in Europe – along with everything in between, and still being able to enjoy life in each other’s company each and every day made the decision easy.

Claire: I’d second Nath in saying our relationship has been through several different stages – that have progressed from never seeing each other to never having a moment apart! Right from the start when those years of long-distance loomed before us, we both held immense trust in our relationship, never wavered in our commitment to each other, had so much fun and just felt the ease, joy and love that came with sharing our lives. With all of this, it always felt right and very easy to plan out the rest of our days together.   

What was your favourite detail of your wedding day?

Nathan: For myself, it was being able to wear my late grandfathers pocket watch. I think it really completed my outfit, and it was special to have a part of him there with us. For Claire, I loved the crystals in her flower crown, they were the perfect touch to make her look as unique as she is.

Claire: I loved that we had so many talented friends and family to call on in helping us bring our day to life. The invites, hair, makeup, flowers, styling, signage, grazing table, music & sound were all done by beautiful people already in our lives! That I could look around and see all of their touches throughout the day really made it even more special to me.

What is marriage to you?

Nathan: Two people coming together to make life the best adventure it can possibly be.

Claire: A marker of our powerful commitment, and a bold declaration of our love and trust for each other. To me it feels likes a safe place that I always get to return to, and that we will continue to nurture for the rest of our lives.


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