Romance + Luxury: An Intimate Seaside Elopement in Ibiza, Spain


Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, bohemian details and utter romance, this coastal elopement was the epitome of an intimate weekend getaway. Tanit + Marco whisked away to an island in the Mediterranean for their seaside romance, stayed in Ibiza’s finest villas and spent the day following their ceremony on a luxurious yacht. A team of top tier vendors allowed Tanit + Marco to focus on what truly matters: each other. Keep reading to check out the incredible vendors involved and see more stunning imagery from Sarah Lobla.


How long have you been together? We’ve been together since the spring of 2015. We met because a friend introduce each other. Emma, one of my best friends, was making a party for her birthday and it was there where I met Marco, who was a friend of the guy Emma was dating in that moment. We started talking and we spent all the night together. We felt a true connection since the first moment. It was in Barcelona in 2015 and we never looked back since.

Tell us a little bit about the proposal? Marco planned a weekend in Rome, my favorite city. One night,  after having dinner in Trastevere, we were walking back to our hotel and in one this narrow  charming streets he got on one knee. And asked to marry him. The feeling was indescribable and without hesitation I screamed yesss!!!

What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme? We planned an elopement wedding because we wanted something very intimate and there is nothing better than spending a great weekend enjoying each other. We’ve been planning a trip to Ibiza so many times.. But  at the end never going so we thought it would be the perfect place to spend our wedding. Moreover we lived in Barcelona so Ibiza is really close to the city.

Did you undertake any DIY projects? Cloud Events took care of everything about deco and we love it! Also Rodolfo Mcartney of NoQuiero helped us with the styling part.

Talk to us about your dress? I wore two dresses both from Marta Martí. I found them both in her atelier in Barcelona. One friend talked me about her and since the first moment I felt like she and her team were really professionals. The first dress was more boho style with an absolutely beautiful back. The other dress was more simple and perfect for a boat day. The most important thing for me was feeling myself in the dress and I definitely did it twice!!

Where did you find your key vendors? Most of them were recommendations from friends like the dress, the villa or the yacht company. The others were suppliers of Cloud Events. Instagram was also so useful to find good suppliers  and I found interesting things in blogs too like Rock My Wedding, Brides, Festival Brides and of course, Hello May.

Favourite moment / memory from the day? Everything was so special, I can’t say just one moment…There were three amazing days enjoying our love. The day we were in the boat was really fun but when Marco saw me with the bride dress… Favorite moment so far! Also when Marco read me the vows.

Advice for other couples planning a wedding? Take time, enjoy.. and Don’t stress!  We prefer an intimate wedding so we didn’t have to planned a lot. At the end, there were just he and I so the planned thing was not really hard. Also Cloud Events, were really in charge of everything.

Any stand out vendors from your wedding? Sara Lobla was great! We love her style and we couldn’t recommend her highly enough! Big thanks to Al cuadrado   and Cloud Events too and all of their suppliers.  Special mencion to Rodolfo Mcartney (   of No Quiero, he work hand by hand with Cloud Events and took care of the stylish part of the wedding. I met in a shooting and we connect inmediately.




Through Time & Space

And finally we are here together.

After all this time,

After so many lifes we had to live and learn

I´ve been looking for you so many times, without understanding

Now I understand that I needed all this years to find myself, to see my shadows, to find my light.

You were a risk for me,


A mystery,

And the most certain thing I´d ever known.

Through all this time and space we both knew we would be together in this life.

Nothing is off limits now, my wildest dreams, my shameful secretes.

Now I realice that we both are whole and complete all along

I´m in peace now, and see my light in you



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