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Melissa + Shaun: Rocky Shore Engagement


“A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” The moment you take a journey, you are saying yes to encountering what ever comes your way. My decision to accept a job across Canada and experience a life authentically my own led to the start of an incredible journey of adventure and where I would unexpectedly find love and true happiness. I decided to take a road trip with a girlfriend from Toronto to Vancouver; stepping out of my comfort zone surrounded by friends and family to start my own life in a new city. At the time I was not searching for love but wanting to explore and discover the possibilities before me. Shaun turned out to be one of those possibilities. With me living in an unknown city and Shaun travelling for work quite often, online dating was the perfect avenue for us to meet. I felt an instant connection to him when we first met – his genuine smile and desire to get to know me led us to talking until it was closing time and we were the only ones in the coffee shop located down the street from where we both lived. We met online yet lived in buildings across the street from each other; something I see as a sign that we were meant to connect in some moment in time.

Over the past four years we have learned that we complement each other so well. We have bonded over sharing a love for many common things (hiking, golfing, travelling, skiing/snowboarding,) but most importantly always keeping life vibrant with laughter, humour and spontaneity. I love how thoughtful and patient he can be and how level headed he is when making decisions. He loves how excited I am and how much I enjoy life. We have opened ourselves to the potential of blending our individual strengths and learning to grow together. Together we’ve supported each other through highs and lows and know that we stand alongside each other the whole way as partners in life.

Our love for this city and province we both now call home stems from its abundance of nature. When we were deciding on a local spot for our engagement pictures it was an incredibly difficult task when the choices of stunning locations were almost limitless. We wanted to capture our love for nature and adventure and desired for a combination of water, forest, and cityscape. Lighthouse Park provided picturesque moments under the forest canopy of first-growth Douglas fir trees and coastline views of the city. The weather was perfect to walk along large birch logs while dipping into the coastline waters. The picnic was inspired by our picnic rituals on mountain peaks during our day long hikes on the North Shore Mountains. The wine, labelled ‘Say Yes’, was very fitting for the occasion and from one of our favourite Okanagan Wineries, Dirty Laundry.

Lighthouse Park was the perfect location to capture our love. We had an absolutely incredible evening being true to ourselves – laughing, smiling, and enjoying the natural elements that brought us together from the beginning.


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