Robyn + Marcus: A ceremony by the creek


“There is a part of us which cannot be described in words. Something intrinsic, something core to our being. Many people share interests, share beliefs, see the world a particular way, have a common sense of humour or intellect. But this is about being, a little about yearning, a little about fulfilment, a little about desire, about the soul. She saw all that and understood it better than I did, and always has.”

Robyn and Marcus took to a local park for their special day, wedding amidst nature. “And while not a theme, we didn’t want any preparations to overshadow the event. What we were intending to do and promise to each other.  It was simple, and we were in our local park (a couple of minutes’ drive from where we live), where a popular nature walk and dog walking track crosses the creek. It is one of our favourite places. We expected passers-by to jog or walk straight through our ceremony, and so they did, and it was fantastic to have the real world, and others’ lives, all around us full of smiles and joy.  It was about peace and quiet and nature and happiness and just being ourselves, together, in this special place that has nestled itself amid the hustle and bustle of city life. This, in a way, is an allegory of our marriage itself.”

See more of their beautiful day below, with photography by Lauren Campbell.


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